Q | Is it now mentored by NIT Trichy?

Yes, it is. The students are staying within NIT Trichy Campus and NIT Trichy has given us the access to all the available facilities

Q | Faculties: NIT Trichy or IIIT Trichy?

The classes and industrial training for the CSE and ECE Program are handled by faculty members from Mentor Institute, i.e., NIT Trichy, IIIT Trichy, experts from TCS, CTS, Infosys, Ramco Systems, ELCOT, Navitas (Take Solutions), HP, Polaris, and Orzota (Big data analytics group) and resource persons from reputed institutes such as IITs, NITs, IIMs and BIM.

Q | Hostel : Within campus or the private one?

The hostel is provided by NIT Trichy itself. The hostel provided to second year UG is Topaz (for boys). The hostel is a single-seater room and is bundled with all the facilities. For girls, it’s a three-seater room at Opal C. For, first year boys, it’s Agate, its a four-seater specially for first year boys.

Q | Placement: With NIT Trichy or separate?

The Department of Training and Placement is functioning seperately in IIITT since July 2017.

Q | When will IIIT Trichy shift to its permanent campus?

IIIT Trichy will shift to its new campus once it gets ready. Government of Tamil Nadu has recognised a land in Sethurappatti Village, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, for the permanent campus of IIIT Trichy.

Q | Does IIIT Trichy comes under JoSAA or do I have to apply separately?

IIIT Trichy comes under JoSAA. It follows all the rules and regulations of JoSAA and takes part in online common counselling conducted by JoSAA.

Q | Is there a Home State Quota at IIIT Trichy?

No. There is no Home State Quota in IIIT Trichy. The admission is only based on All India Quota by following reservation policy by Government of India.

Q | Why there is no Information Technology Program (IT Program) in IIIT Trichy?

From the Academic Year 2016-17 onwards admission to IT Program is temporarily suspended due to the transition of Mentor Institute to NIT Trichy.

Q | Do IIIT Trichy students take part in events of NIT Trichy?

Yes, IIIT Trichy students do take part in the events of NIT Trichy which are open for everyone, like Festember and Pragyan. However, we do not, and can not take part in their internal events like NITTFEST.

Q | Do IIIT Trichy students take part in clubs of NIT Trichy?

No, IIIT Trichy students don't take part in the clubs of NIT Trichy. We have clubs of our own, which are functioning on their own.

Q | How to reach IIIT Trichy?

IIIT Trichy is operating in the temporary campus within the premises of NIT Campus, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, since March 2016.
All mofusil and town buses plying from Tiruchirappalli Central Bus Stand to Thanjavur, stop at NIT Trichy. Tiruchirappalli Central Bus Stand is about half a KM from Tiruchirappalli Railway Junction. Town Bus No. 128 from Tiruchirappalli Central Bus Stand to Thuvakudi stops at NIT Trichy.
A number of Call Taxis are available nearby Tiruchirappalli Junction and Central Bus Stand. The approximate Call Taxi fare from Tiruchirappalli Railway Station to NIT Trichy will be about Rs. 500.