Q | Is IIITT now mentored by NIT Trichy?

No, NIT Trichy does not mentor IIIT Tiruchirappalli now.

Q | Faculties: NIT Trichy or IIIT Trichy?

Faculty members from IIIT Trichy handle classes and industrial training for CSE and ECE Programs.

Q | Hostel: Within campus or the private one?

Hostel is located in Permanent campus at Sethurappatti.

Q | Placement: With NIT Trichy or separate?

Training and Placement Cell functions separately in IIITT since July 2017.

Q | When will IIIT Trichy shift to its permanent campus?

As of June 14, 2021, IIIT Tiruchirappalli was shifted from Oxford Engineering College campus to its Permanent Campus at Sethurappatti.

Q | Does IIIT Trichy come under JoSAA or do I have to apply separately?

IIIT Trichy comes under JoSAA. It follows all the rules and regulations of JoSAA and takes part in online common counselling conducted by JoSAA.

Q | Is there a Home State Quota at IIIT Trichy?

IIIT Trichy does not have Home State Quota provision. The admission is only based on All India Quota by following reservation policy of Government of India.

Q | Why is there no Information Technology Program (IT Program) in IIIT Trichy?

From the Academic Year 2016-17 onwards, admission to IT Program is temporarily suspended due to change of Mentoring Institute to NIT Trichy.

Q | Do IIIT Trichy students take part in events of NIT Trichy?

Yes, IIIT Trichy students do take part in the events of NIT Trichy, which are open for everyone, like Festember and Pragyan. However, we do not, and cannot take part in their internal events like NITTFEST.

Q | Apart from academics, how would a student be occupied?

IIITT as an institute stimulates the student’s advancement in every field. There are various activities pertaining to technical, cultural and sports, such as clubs, competitions and fests, so that students aren’t only indulged in academics, but also involve themselves in extra-curricular activities to discover their talents which will be helpful for overall development of the student.

Q | Are there Societies and clubs in the Institute?

The Institute has myriad clubs operating under three main categories: Technical, Cultural and Sports. Some of the clubs are: Technical - Web Dev Club, Competitive Coding(CC), Net Sec (Network Security), IoT and many more clubs. Cultural-Dance, Photography, Fine Arts Clubs and many more, Sports-Cricket, Basketball, Badminton Clubs and many more. (Refer the Clubs page on the Institute website for more info)

Q | How to reach IIIT Trichy?

IIIT Trichy is operating in the Permanent campus from June 14, 2021. Please visit location page for more information